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    ClamSponge® is guaranteed

    to become the favorite bath time accessory of every member of your family. Whether at home or travelling. And it comes in a variety of colors. Why not order several ClamSponge® gifts today?

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    Use it with any handy hook

    to keep ClamSponge® within easy reach during and between showers. It’s so easy! And the anti-bacterial ingredients in your own soap will keep your ClamSponge® fresh and ready to go when needed!

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    Our sturdy mouth of

    ClamSponge® holds the soap bar firmly in. No more juggling wash cloths and soap. No more bending over to retrieve lost soap bars from the shower floor.

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    Your favorite bar soap

    will love the ClamSponge®. Simply insert—and discover all the rich bubbling action and wonderful fragrance you’ve been missing! The ClamSponge® brings out the best in any soap. Each and every time you use it.

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    Those left-over soap

    slivers used to mean money wasted. But no more! The ClamSponge® delivers your soap’s full potential. Time after time.

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    The rich supply of cleansing

    bubbles the ClamSponge® creates makes bath time easily the most relaxing and refreshing part of your day. The ClamSponge® gently empowers soap. In a way no mere wash cloth can.


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    The ClamSponge®

    is the perfect bath time companion for any soap product. Just a small amount of liquid or bar soap creates a most luxurious bathing experience—one that lasts throughout your shower or bath.


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